Sponsor A Highway®

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the Adopt A Highway® or Sponsor A Highway® Program? Find answers and other general information quickly in our FAQ's

Who is Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation®?

Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® is a privately held business. We partner with federal, state, and local government organizations to implement the Adopt A Highway® and Sponsor A Highway® Programs nationwide. These programs help maintain and improve the cleanliness of our nation’s roadways while giving businesses the opportunity to promote their brand.

What is Sponsor A Highway®?

Sponsor A Highway® is a non-volunteer, exclusive, sponsorship program which provides litter removal services along sections of the highway.

Who Cleans the Highways?

Our professionally-trained and certified crew members conduct litter removal services and maintenance on behalf of our sponsors.

Can Anybody Sponsor A Highway?

Most Businesses, Organizations, and Individuals can sponsor a stretch of highway in exchange for a monthly fee. To find out if you’re eligible, call us at 800-200-0003.

What’s Included In My Monthly Fee?

Your monthly fee covers the cost of professional litter removal services for your sponsored segments of highway. Your fee also covers the cost of design, print, and production of your full-color sponsor recognition panel.

How Much Does It Cost to Sponsor A Highway?

The monthly fee and installation fee vary across markets. To obtain pricing information visit our Get A Quote page or call us at 800-200-0003.

How Can I Participate in the Adopt A Highway® Program?

Sponsorships are available on a first-come, first-served basis. To participate in the Adopt Highway® or Sponsor A Highway® Program you will first need to contact an Account Manager. Your Account Manager will then guide you through the process from time of purchase to time of installation. To get started, call 800-200-0003 now.

Where Can I Place My Sign?

Our sponsor signs are available in 22 markets across the United States and are located within towns, cities, and major metropolitan areas. You can sponsor as many signs as you would like in one, or several, different states. To get started, contact 800-200-0003.

Can I Sponsor in Multiple States?

Yes! Many of our Sponsors operate in multiple cities and states; therefore, having signs in different markets are a must! To find out how you can adopt a highway in multiple statescontact 800-200-0003.

How Long Will My Sponsorship Last?

Sponsorship programs are two year terms and renew in two-year increments.

Can I See What My Sign Will Look Like Before I Sign Up?

Of Course! To create a mockup of your sign, simply visit our Design A Sign page where you can see what your logo will look like on an actual sponsor sign.

What Are Other Sponsors Saying About the Adopt A Highway® Program?

Our sponsors love the Adopt A Highway® Program. To read what they have to say about us, visit our Sponsor Testimonials page.

What Are the Benefits of Sponsoring A Highway?

There are many benefits of joining the Adopt A Highway® and Sponsor A Highway® Programs, including Exclusivity, Increased Brand Awareness, Corporate Social Responsibility, and much more! For more details about the benefits of sponsoring a highway, visit our Benefits page or read our blog post, The Benefits of Sponsoring A Highway.

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