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Don’t just take our word for it. Read testimonials from sponsors who have joined the Adopt A Highway® and Sponsor A Highway® Programs.

Marketing and PR Coordinator, Ampirical

Whether it’s the needs of the power industry or the needs of our community, Ampirical is dedicated and committed to making a difference. By joining the sponsorship program, we’re able to showcase that commitment in a unique way.

Vice President of Operations for Five Star ER

We are a locally owned and operated emergency center in the Austin area and Texas Sponsor A Highway® was able to provide branding and exposure opportunities that put us directly in front of our customers. With sign locations available near our emergency centers, we have been able to successfully drive traffic to our business as customers mention seeing our signs many times throughout the month... I would recommend Texas Sponsor A Highway® to businesses looking for brand awareness and exposure at a fraction of the cost of traditional outdoor advertising.

Chief Operating Officer for Continental Automotive Group

Our business was locally referred to Texas Sponsor A Highway® as a unique and new [promotional] opportunity in our area. Continental Automotive Group has a number of dealership locations throughout Austin and we decided to utilize this opportunity to help bring brand awareness and exposure to one of our dealerships, First Texas Honda. Our Account Manager… helped us select 6 sign locations that made sense for our business and since our signs have been installed we are very happy with the way they look!

CEO & Founder, Total Men’s® Primary Care

Total Men’s® Primary Care believes that health, wellness, and prevention are the foundation for creating a comfortable and convenient environment for men to take care of their healthcare needs. Teaming up with Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® offers us the unique opportunity to increase our brand exposure while participating in highway clean-up efforts that benefit thousands of commuters as they travel throughout Texas every day.

Chief Executive Officer, Denommee Plumbing Heating & Cooling Inc.

We at Denommee Plumbing believe in offering only the best service to our customers, and as we continue to grow we are always finding new ways to give back to the community that has helped us flourish. Becoming a sponsor at Adopt A Highway® is a way to show the community we care about keeping the roads safe and clean for generations to come

Brand Sponsorship Lead, Apparent Insurance

We at Apparent Insurance are thrilled to contribute to the safety of the greater Austin community by sponsoring highway signs which serve to fund highway clean up. Our mission is to provide peace of mind to the families we insure, and safety is always top of mind for us.

General Sales Manager, Hennessy Lexus of Atlanta

Hennessy Lexus of Atlanta joined “Adopt A Highway®” because we fill that our name associated with clean roads and highways is a very good and positive thing. We also look at it as another avenue of getting our name out there and people seeing our name many times every day, week and month as they drive by.

Assistant Director, Main Street Radiology

Main Street Radiology is committed to the Adopt a Highway® Program in order to keep our roads clean and decrease the ongoing pollution for the community we have the pleasure of serving since 1966. The partnership is an excellent way to give back to the borough of Queens while optimizing name recognition in return.

President, Invisible Fence of Montgomery County

We chose to use adopt a highway as part of our marketing mix because of the infamous traffic in the Washington DC area. We are hoping the number of people who see our sign every day helps to improve our brand awareness and generates more business.

Director of Enrollment Management, TVT Community Day School

With the hope of enhancing our community, TVT Community Day School joined the Adopt A Highway® Program, allowing us to put to good use one of our core character values, Tikkun Olam, (repair the world locally and globally). At TVT, Academics are important, and Character is Paramount.

Senior Executive VP of Marketing, Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology

Adopt A Highway provides an opportunity for Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology to demonstrate our commitment to keeping the highways of Long Island and NY City clean. We are glad to partner with an organization that allows us the opportunity to keep our community safe and litter-free.

Chief Marketing Officer, Dallas Mavericks

We believe the Dallas Mavericks organization is bigger than basketball. Our commitment to supporting the community we call home is stronger than ever. The Dallas Mavericks players, coaches, and partners continue to build a stronger community through our four core areas of focus: education, environment, health and wellness, and military appreciation. Our support of the Adopt a Highway® Program is another way for us to support our community by helping keep our environment clean and representative of the city where we live and do business. Go Mavs!

CEO, Buy My Bikes

Buy My Bikes is proud to be a sponsor at Adopt A Highway®, as we are always looking for new ways to support the community here in San Juan Capistrano. Keeping the highways clean and safe is a privilege, and we do not take this responsibility lightly.

Owner, Gordon Insurance

As we all know we use these highway signs as Brand Recognition. I wanted to make sure SMGA is known to all for its beneficial work in helping our Wounded Warriors and it is working.

Owner, Maryland Basketball Academy

I first saw/heard about the Maryland Sponsor A Highway® Program by seeing the actual signs on the side of the highway. My Account Manager… was extremely knowledgeable about the program as well as the specific areas that I was interested in. what started out as one sign quickly turned into three and I’m constantly looking for more. It’s a smart program but with limited supply so I was happy to get the exposure in my areas while they were still available! To this day, [my account manager] still emails me when locations in my area are available for sponsorship. If only there were more I would take 2-3 more signs! From the initial process of gathering information to the design and installation of my signs, Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation has been an all-around class act.

Owner at Rockland Mass

We’ve had our two highway signs for 10 years. The brand visibility is simply amazing. We’ve sponsored 2 highway signs over the past decade and it has been useful in unexpected ways. We started out thinking that it is a great branding tool, which it is. People say “I see your signs all over the place,” and when I drive around I don’t happen upon lots of our lawn signs in front of people’s homes myself, I know they are talking about our Sponsor A Highway® signs. The “unexpected” benefit is that it has increased the caliber of applicants who apply for jobs when we have openings which means we’ve been able to recruit painters, salespeople, and staff who fit our value of giving back the community. Having the Sponsor A Highway® signs out there reflects very nicely on our culture of caring as the signs lend lots of credibility to our brand.

President, Jakes Burgers and Beer

Being a native Texan born in Lubbock Texas, I have always been extremely proud of our state and the cleanliness of our roads. As more people migrate to our state it looks as though our state could use a little extra help picking up our roads. Jakes is happy to sponsor our highways and help keep our roads free of litter. With that said, let's all pitch in to do our part and..... Don't Mess With Texas!

Managing Director, Western International Securities

A grounding component at Western is to give back to our people and community. We’ve been fortunate to be in a position where we can help give back to the environment and to communities where we work and live. This includes financial support to programs close to the hearts of our own team members that advocate for and assist veterans, those with special needs, women, children, animals spiritual and research communities. We’re appreciative to Adopt A Highway® for the opportunity to assist in keeping our community looking clean and prestigious.

Owner, Platinum Fades

I chose to be a highway sponsor simply because it’s a great way to advertise, but I really like keeping Texas clean. If everyone does their part in keeping this beautiful planet clean, then I'm sure Texas will stay nice forever!


Waxy’s chose to partner with Adopt a Highway® for the dual objective of creating brand awareness for our restaurants while also helping to support an organization that aims to keep our highways clean. To date the team at Adopt A Highway® have been fantastic. It's been a pleasure to work with them.

Director of Advertising, Mathis Brothers

Mathis Brothers is proud to partner with Adopt A Highway® in cleaning up our roads and communities. We are committed to making our world a better place so the families we serve will have safer and more beautiful place to live and work.

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