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Instagram has become one of the most prominent social media platforms, and many users have unique posts that express their personal lives, passions, and interests; however, there is one type of photo you will undoubtedly see on nearly every Instagram feed – the famous beach shot!  To help you create the perfect beach photo we have compiled six of California’s most “Instagram worthy” beaches. From the Central Coast down to San Diego, these beaches offer a variety of features to spice up your feeds.

McWay Beach, Big Sur

If you think the curvy cliff road alongside the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by hundred-year-old Redwood trees is Instagram worthy by itself, think again! McWay Beach in Big Sur is where the Instagram magic happens. A scenic waterfall cascades down the beaches cliffs into the ocean to create a landscape like no other.

McWay Beach, Big Sur, CA

Malibu Beach, Los Angeles

One of the most historic surf destinations in California, Malibu Beach is a unique home to surf hippies and wealthy alike.  Malibu is one of the furthest Northern beaches in Los Angeles County, which is easily noticeable through the change in scenery.  This beach’s historical significance to the California surf culture is the main reason it is an Instagram must see.  A perfect place to chill down at the beach and watch surfers trading off waves along the Malibu Point.  To top it off, there are amazing beach-side restaurants where you can enjoy the sun-kissed coast light up on an outdoor patio.

Malibu Beach, Los Angeles, CA

Venice Beach, Los Angeles

For all the skateboard enthusiasts, this spot is for you! Venice Beach is one of California’s most populated beaches, attracting approximately 12.3 million visits per year.  A mix of surf, skate, art, and absolute craziness this beach is a feast for the eye and the lens.  The 3-mile stretch of coast is accompanied by a boardwalk which is perfect for bikes, skateboards, or a stroll.

The beachside skatepark is one of the most unique features. On any given day you will see professional skateboarders flying about the concrete playground as the sun sets behind the Pacific Ocean. Position yourself behind the skate bowl for the perfect photo of a pro skateboarder?

Venice Beach, Los Angeles, CA

Victoria Beach, Laguna Beach

Just a few miles north of Thousand Steps, Victoria Beach is simply picturesque. This cove makes for the perfect spot to explore tide pools and snag that ideal sunset shot.  Victoria is surrounded by rocky cliffs, that block the wind, preventing those pesky flyaway hairs from ruining the perfect selfie. Tucked around the north corner of the cove there is the stone tower called “La Tour,” or “Pirate Tower” by locals.

Although the La Tour is privately owned, the exterior still makes for gorgeous photos. To find the tower, enter Victoria Beach from Victoria Drive. Follow the staircase down to the southwest-facing oceanfront. Depending on tides, you may need to hike over some rocks to reach the tower.

Victoria Beach, Laguna Beach, CA

Thousand Steps, Laguna Beach

On this one mile stretch of beach, there are Instagramable opportunities all at every sandy turn. Head over to the south end where the famous “Cave” is located, just be careful! High tides and surf can make reaching the cave dangerous, so don’t say we didn’t warn you. Having doubts? If your Insta-pic isn’t worth risking an encounter with the treacherous water, no worries. Spectators can snap a pic of professional skimboarders launching themselves into the shore break. Trust us, activities like these will make your followers wish they were basking in the sunshine with you.

Thousand Steps Beach, Laguna Beach, CA

Black’s Beach, La Jolla

Black’s Beach is the perfect place for the solo Instagram adventurer.  Only one way down and one way up to a 50-foot cliff, this not an easy trek, but once you hit the sand it does not disappoint! A vastly remote beach, Blacks offers a perfect backdrop for Instagram photos and beach walk “stories.”  Plus, on big days of swell, this beach will produce massive waves that are incredible to watch or film.

Blacks Beach, La Jolla, CA

We hope you gained some valuable insight into to some of the most Instagram worthy beaches in California, and we can’t wait to see your posts!